Brandon creates places that do not exist yet seem familiar in their feel. They are fantastical landscapes but not entirely. They are fantastical landscapes if you took fantastical landscapes, painted them in fragments, shattered them, and rearranged those fragments. Influences from the things he loves: nature, science fiction, fantasy, comic books, animation, the world he has seen, the worlds he has only seen in his mind, and the realities he lives in and the ones he makes for his self.  Browse Brandon’s Collection

14352086_10101469519977377_7143631264001444864_oTell us what your are working on now?

I have started a piece with blocks of color and I am waiting to see where it takes me. I start every painting a little differently, always looking for new ways to approach my work.


14352231_10101469520087157_1238484849269257662_oWho is your art role model, mentor and/or art teacher?

I owe a tremendous amount to Duncan Baird, my professor of painting at DSU. He allowed me to experiment while guiding me with questions instead of just handing me answers.

What advice do you have for aspiring artists?

Don’t let the negative critique from one person dissuade you. Listen, learn, and continue your journey.

14372376_10101471350479037_8043425732012496615_oWhat music do you listen to while painting or creating?

My tastes are wide, but revolve around the dreamy, spacey, and wistful. I have been listening to a mix of Dungen, Weyes Blood, Pavo Pavo, & Cory Hanson.

What are your other hobbies, dreams and/or passions in life other than ART?

I have worked in professional kitchens for years as a Chef and many other positions on the way to “Chef”. I love food, and feel that the creation of meals aligns directly with art.

14425357_10101469523375567_5745887376872891693_oWhat do you hope others see in your work?

I have always appreciated art that shows me something different every time. That is probably why I have always been drawn to abstract work. There are new stories to find all the time.

14425488_10101470490846747_776633560623749649_oWhat’s on your walls?

Pretty much just my own paintings….a bit narcissistic I suppose.

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