Ramzi Ghotbaldin

Paris, France

Born into a family of photographers in Khanaqin, Kurdistan, situated both in Iran and Iraq, Ramzi grew up participating in the activities of his father’s and grandfather’s studios. The world of photography influenced his first artistic endeavors and naturally inclined him towards a career in fine art. His formal fine arts education formed him technically and he was most influenced by engraving.

However, the core of his artistic personality has been formed by his culture and was transmitted to him essentially by his national identity. He is Kurdish; his history is strong and painfully gained across an exquisite natural landscape which demands a struggle for liberty and which eventually pushed him into exile. This personal history creates his unique artistic view. The richness of his memory continually feeds his work.

Ramzi Ghotbaldin arrived in France more than 26 years ago. He has found his mature style in his Paris studio. His work expresses a synthesis between the marks left by his unique cultural history and the fruits of this new environment. He lives and works in Paris. Since 1996, he regularly shows his work in Paris, France and abroad.


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