Mickey LeFlore

Based in Grenada MS, Mickey LeFlore, creates incredibly lifelike impressions of fish, using the Gyotaku art form.

Find out more about Mickey’s process in the interview below, then view his full collection.

Smallmouth River Girl by Mickey Leflore
Smallmouth River Girl

What gives you inspiration, or motivates you to create?

I have had a passion for fish and fishing since childhood, and that little boy still exist today. The fish are my inspiration and my partner, as well as my motivation. I only hope others see beauty in our work.

As an artist, what do you find most challenging?

I practice Gyotaku, an art form that dates back to early 1800s in Japan prior to photography. In Gyotaku, I am challenged to create an impression on many different types of rice paper and fabrics, all of which have their own personality , absorption rate, texture and contrast.

Red Snapper Ghost
Red Snapper Ghost

Describe your process and growth as an artist

My Gyotaku starts with making an impression, I hope to capture the characteristics of that particular specimen. I try to imagine the end result, whether, framed for pillows or for other uses.

What is your favorite piece of work that you’ve created and why?

My favorite piece of work is of a fish I caught that I didn’t know existed in this region. It will always stir the memory of catching it.

Sheepshead Night Shift

What is the best advice you’ve been given?

Being self-taught, my best advice was that I could teach myself anything if I am critical of my own work. I now believe it.

How do you describe your style?

My style changes continuously as I learn.

Red Ear Bream Havasu Beauty
Red Ear Bream Havasu Beauty

What message(s) do you try to communicate through your art?

I just hope others find the beauty that I see in the fish.

What is your artistic dream?

My dream is a combination of travel, fishing and art that will last forever.

Photography Credits – Mack Sullivan, Artist and Photographer

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